What is fixmydevice and how does it work?

Fixmydevice is an online repair service that enables you place repair orders for your damaged devices/gadgets. We use a very interactive and user friendly platform that help make navigation easy.

When do i have to pay for my device repair?

You would have to pay for an initial Un-refundable Deposit, which is part of the full cost of repair. Then you would make final payment of cost of repair after the device has been fixed, before collection can be made.

What will be the duration of my repair(s)?

It depends on the complexity of the fault. We cannot give a specific time frame, but you will be able to track the status of your gadget/device at any point in time. Subject to variability, but all things being equal, we expect that within 48hours, you would have gotten headway about your repair

How do i know that i have the full attention of your CSR for my device repair?

One of the strength of FixMydevice is her customer service relations officers, one CSR is assigned to a customer until repair cycle is completed. You would also have a one on one conversation with your CSR until the repair cycle is completed.

What happen in the situation where i cant access my mail?

There are times where SMS are sent and calls are made to prompt customer for the next line of action

Is there option to pay for device in cash?

Our system does not accommodate payment in cash, we use paystack, a very easy to use payment platform. Our CSR can easily help to guide on how to use the platform

Do you repair any kind of devices?

We repair all kind of IT devices ranging from phones, laptop, Printers, Desktops, across notable brands.

How do i speak on satisfied or dissatisfied service?

After completion of a repair cycle there are button to help us get feedback from you. as a customer oriented business, we intend to get feedback from you, in order to better serve you

Is my device safe?

Yes, We are very safe and covered by a very reliable insurance company. Your devices would be safe at all stages and would always be in a good state, which is why devices are properly packaged during delivery.

What happen in case of accident or misplaced device?

Our Company is backed and in partnership with a reliable insurance company to replace any device with such cases. Nevertheless, we shall conduct an investigation of devices with such cases before making a replace if found worthy.

how do i guarantee safety of the data in my device and non disclosure of the content of the data?

As part of our Terms and Agreement, we agreed that legally, all content in devices are kept.

What of if there is device mix up?

The structure of our system does not give room for device mix up, as we have separate CSR attending to separate customers.