How it Works

See how FixMyDevice can get your IT Devices Fixed from the comfort of your home in just 10 simple steps!

Step 1

Create an Account with FMD.
You can click here to register or simply sign in using facebook.

Step 2

Place a request by filling the "Request Repair" form. Note that by requesting a repair, you must have read our terms and condition and accepted to it's conditions.

After you have placed a repair request, it takes about 40mins to 60mins for the system to process your request and give you a reply via mail. You would need to log into the system to continue with the process of repairing your device.

Step 3

The system would give you an estimated cost of repair. You would have to click proceed with repair.

Step 4

Then you would make an un-refundable initial deposit of the total cost of repair for diagnosis. This payment is part of your total cost of repair.

Step 5

After making payment, you would have to confirm your pickup address again. Shortly after this, our courier personnel would come to your pickup address to collect your device.

Step 6

Please make sure you confirm that you have given your phone out to our courier personnel.

Step 7

An Engineer would be assigned to analyse and work on your device. You would have to accept your invoice for the engineer to begin repair on your device.

Step 8

Once your device is ready and Quality Check is performed, You would be notified via email. The system would require you to make your final payment.

Step 9

After you have successfully made the final payment, our courier personnel would get your device back to you at your pickup address. Please make sure you confirm that you have collected your device.

Step 10

Rate our level of satisfaction and help your friends and family get to know about FMD by sharing the experience on facebook!